Lanyards: Different Uses and Styles

Lanyards can be seen everywhere and they have been indispensable items for so many people. They can be used to carry important things that have to be handy all the time. Lanyards are normally worn on the neck or wrist to prevent things from being lost and to make sure they are always visible. Perhaps the most common use of lanyards is to hold IDs, but they can also be used to hold a whistle, mobile phone, small gadgets, etc.

A Brief History

landyardLanyard came from the term “laniere,” a French word meaning thong or strap. It is said that its history dates back to the 17th century during which it was first used as a nautical word that means a line or rope that can hold something to the vessel or boat. Seafarers also used lanyards to hold important things while sailing. During the 19th century, lanyards functioned as a cord for securing weapons, making them especially useful during war. It was used to carry pistols and to indicate rank.

Modern-Day Use

These days, lanyards are usually worn around the neck by almost everyone. Depending on their functions, they can also be worn around the wrist or connected to a purse. Using a lanyard has been proven as the most effective and simplest way of keeping things secured and within reach. Lanyards have different uses, but its primary function is to hold items such as IDs and badges, keys, and small electronic gadgets. To Know More Uses Of Landyards Visit :

In camping, lanyards are used to hold camping gear, knives, or a compass. They are also useful to air-dry washed utensils hanging from tree branches. Likewise, they can be used in the kitchen to hang many objects such as bottle openers and can openers.

Scoubidou, the art of lanyard-making, has become an extremely well-known art among kids who join scouting associations as well as summer camps.

Lanyards have various styles and the primary ones are the following:

1.Cord Lanyards

These are among the most affordable lanyards. They are best used for ID cards and badges. Their string is made  from polyester, nylon, or cotton. Usually, this type of lanyard has a slide size adjuster at the top, behind the neck.

2.Flat or Ribbon Lanyards

Made from flat polyester, nylon, or cotton and most used in custom printed lanyards.

3.Tube Lanyards

These have a narrow width and often resemble a shoelace in terms of design. Only text can be printed on these lanyards, mainly due to their size.

4.Woven Lanyards

These are made from heavy-duty materials, so they are built to last longer.

5.Bead Lanyards

They can either be made from metal or plastic. Perhaps the most famous beaded lanyards are the ones with metals because they can be considered as a jewelry piece. Most of the time, they are worn by women as an accessory. To make these lanyards, they are designed with various types of beads like crystal or glass.

6.Breakaway and Non-breakaway Lanyards

These are lanyards that have adjustable cords. Breakaway lanyards have stretchable cords, which can be detached through the use of force. This is mainly for security purposes in case lanyards get stuck in moving machines. On the other hand, non-breakaway lanyards are non-elastic and firm.

Today, lanyards can be personalized according to one’s needs and preferences. Aside from holding items, lanyards can be used to promote a company by having the name and logo printed on them. Still, if you’re a seafarer or you have to keep certain weapons within reach (assuming you’re in the military), you could opt to use these accessories as well – much like your forefathers did.