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Life is invaluable. It is fundamental to all that thrive in this realm since the beginning of time. Without life, humanity, along with its revered civilization, will cease to subsist. However, no matter how precious human life is, no one lives forever. Despite the greatest innovations and accomplishments humanity has engendered over time, immortality remains elusive. Death comes inevitably. If change is the only constant in this world, death, on the other hand, is the only certain in life. At some point in time, people die. This is a reality that most of us shy away from talking about. No one dreams of dying, and certainly, no one wishes for his loved one to die.

Funeral ServicesPerhaps, one of the most difficult and extremely grievous challenges someone has to experience and endure in his lifetime is the loss of a loved one, a family member, or a close friend. This unanticipated circumstance makes the ones left behind emotionally fragile, but there is no time to mourn yet. You may need to hold off those emotions rushing through your veins and leave them out of sight because there are more pressing matters to attend to than wallow in grief. Instead, expect to get swamped with heaps of deliverables and processes to undertake – from securing the death certificate to the collection of the body to preparing for the wake, viewing and funeral to the actual execution of interment or cremation. The level of stress and pressure may really be too much to handle in this time of anguish.

We, at Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel and Crematory, are steadfast in providing you with all the services that you and your family need to make sure your departed loved one gets quality care without compromising your own comfort. We will do all the leg works for you so that you can have time to mourn over your loss. We understand the need to grieve upon the passing of a loved one as a cardinal element to accept it and move on. Thus, we will not deny you that moment. Our professional and dedicated staff shall be honored to be of service to you. You can view them over the net at

It is our passion to help make the final moments of the deceased here in this world special, as well as be the support system of the grieving family and friends who are left behind. We respect your wishes about arranging the funeral service, regardless of religion or culture. We do as you wish. We will make it happen the way you see it fit.

For over 60 years, gentrygriffey/services Funeral Chapel and Crematory has established a reputation for funeral and crematory services in all of the Knoxville, TN, and other communities within the vicinity. You will learn more of our services by visiting our website,

If you cannot personally visit us right away at our physical address because of your busy schedules, do not worry, we are a just one click away over the internet. Gentry Griffey is at par with other institutions that have embraced the tides of modern civilization. With the influx of advanced technologies, Gentry Griffey makes sure that its presence is also felt over the World Wide Web so that our communities will have various platforms at their disposal on how to get in touch with us or how to get to know our services.

Funerals-ServicesAt, we are opening our doors right at the comforts of your own abode. While we have everything there is know about Gentry Griffey posted on our website, we also have our dedicated staff ready to attend to your needs online, should you have queries or clarifications.
The website is user-friendly. You do not have to be a pro or internet savvy to navigate the site and learn what you need to know about us. Whether you need assistance in preparing for a funeral service or are someone who is just looking for options for future consumption, visit

With Gentry Griffey, you do not have to face the challenges brought about by the passing of a loved one alone. We will be with you every step of the way. We are your valuable resources in times of sorrow.


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