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Life is invaluable. It is fundamental to all that thrive in this realm since the beginning of time. Without life, humanity, along with its revered civilization, will cease to subsist. However, no matter how precious human life is, no one lives forever. Despite the greatest innovations and accomplishments humanity has engendered over time, immortality remains elusive. Death comes inevitably. If change is the only constant in this world, death, on the other hand, is the only certain in life. At some point in time, people die. This is a reality that most of us shy away from talking about. No one dreams of dying, and certainly, no one wishes for his loved one to die.

Funeral ServicesPerhaps, one of the most difficult and extremely grievous challenges someone has to experience and endure in his lifetime is the loss of a loved one, a family member, or a close friend. This unanticipated circumstance makes the ones left behind emotionally fragile, but there is no time to mourn yet. You may need to hold off those emotions rushing through your veins and leave them out of sight because there are more pressing matters to attend to than wallow in grief. Instead, expect to get swamped with heaps of deliverables and processes to undertake – from securing the death certificate to the collection of the body to preparing for the wake, viewing and funeral to the actual execution of interment or cremation. The level of stress and pressure may really be too much to handle in this time of anguish.

We, at Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel and Crematory, are steadfast in providing you with all the services that you and your family need to make sure your departed loved one gets quality care without compromising your own comfort. We will do all the leg works for you so that you can have time to mourn over your loss. We understand the need to grieve upon the passing of a loved one as a cardinal element to accept it and move on. Thus, we will not deny you that moment. Our professional and dedicated staff shall be honored to be of service to you. You can view them over the net at

It is our passion to help make the final moments of the deceased here in this world special, as well as be the support system of the grieving family and friends who are left behind. We respect your wishes about arranging the funeral service, regardless of religion or culture. We do as you wish. We will make it happen the way you see it fit.

For over 60 years, gentrygriffey/services Funeral Chapel and Crematory has established a reputation for funeral and crematory services in all of the Knoxville, TN, and other communities within the vicinity. You will learn more of our services by visiting our website,

If you cannot personally visit us right away at our physical address because of your busy schedules, do not worry, we are a just one click away over the internet. Gentry Griffey is at par with other institutions that have embraced the tides of modern civilization. With the influx of advanced technologies, Gentry Griffey makes sure that its presence is also felt over the World Wide Web so that our communities will have various platforms at their disposal on how to get in touch with us or how to get to know our services.

Funerals-ServicesAt, we are opening our doors right at the comforts of your own abode. While we have everything there is know about Gentry Griffey posted on our website, we also have our dedicated staff ready to attend to your needs online, should you have queries or clarifications.
The website is user-friendly. You do not have to be a pro or internet savvy to navigate the site and learn what you need to know about us. Whether you need assistance in preparing for a funeral service or are someone who is just looking for options for future consumption, visit

With Gentry Griffey, you do not have to face the challenges brought about by the passing of a loved one alone. We will be with you every step of the way. We are your valuable resources in times of sorrow.


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Most Desirable Military Patches

The large variety of military patches is the primary reason for their popularity as collectible war memorabilia. Aside from the common patches that display the particulars of a certain military regiment, such as years of service and rank, they can also be made to display more specialized messages. Special patches are sometimes awarded to servicemen who display outstanding acts of valor or honor.

In addition, since patches are not limited to a single branch of the military, an entire collection can already be made composed of patches from a single contingent. Aside from Army military patches, patches from the Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and National Guard can also be obtained by collectors.

Following Are  The Some Important Uses Of Military Patches:

In order to avoid being overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices, many collectors often choose to focus on only the most desirable patches that are up for sale. These patches are often associated with a significant event, era, or historical figure.

PatchesMilitary patches that were used during World War II are particularly popular with American patch collectors. One such highly collectible item is the Eagle Squadron patch. These patches were worn by a number of American servicemen who joined the British Royal Air Force prior to the actual involvement of the United States in the war. The patches were used to indicate their citizenship after they joined the foreign contingent.

Another highly prized military patch from the period of the Second World War is the Army Specialized Training WWII patch. These patches were awarded to servicemen from the United States who underwent specialized training during WWII.

The Vietnam War is another event that also produced patches that are highly sought after by patch collectors. Although diminutive in size, the Vietnam Service Campaign patch commands great attention. Regardless of military branch, this patch was worn by all the American military men who participated in the Vietnam War.

Alternatively, aside from specific historical events, collectors can also choose to build their collections around patches of a certain branch of the military. One of the most popular American branch specific patch is the Helicopter Squadrons patch of the US Navy.

Aside from the pilots, the other members of each helicopter squadron are also awarded with the military patch. Also, a unique design, color, and name is often designated for each squadron thus broadening the number of available choices.

For collectors who do not wish to limit themselves to a single country and its various patches, they have even more alternatives at their disposal. Therefore, it is even more vital that they properly determine a both a specific purpose and collection method in order to create a cohesive collection.

The most common method utilized by collectors to narrow down their choices is to focus on the military patches that are the most historically significant. German shoulder boards, used by the German Army, are some of the most highly valued war memorabilia. These patches that were used to indicate the rank of the servicemen from Germany command great regard whether they are from the First or Second World War.

Another rare and desirable patch for many collectors is the SAS Paratrooper Sleeve Badge. Since only the most proficient paratroopers from the British military are presented with this badge, it is much harder to come by and therefore even more collectible as a result.

A French military patch that is deemed the most popular for collectors is the Foreign Legion Infantry patch. Due to the prestige of being a part of the French foreign legion, only its members are presented with this special patch.

In the end, regardless of the specific method you choose to use in building your collection, each patch still holds a specific significance that cannot be denied. Therefore, great care must be taken in choosing each piece and finding a place for it in your collection.

However, since many of the rarer patches are often hard to find, some collectors can also choose to commission a replica from an online supplier instead. They only need to supply the design to the manufacturer and have it conveniently shipped to their location. Afterwards, they can just display the patches alongside their historical documents or photographs and put them up for display. Although these customized patches will by no means replace the originals, they will still make a good temporary addition to your collection until you can get your hands on the real deal.

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Living Dangerously with Chemicals

There are several ways to create a PCB and one of those ways is called acid etching. This PCB fabrication method works by chemically removing unwanted copper from the board. Resistances are placed on the portions of the copper board that one wants to remain after the etching process.

One chemical of choice is ferric chloride. This acid is usually a cheaper option than other chemical compounds used for etching. There are two types of this acid and one type is called hex hydrate ferric chloride. This type comes in a light yellow colored powder and is usually dissolved in water with about a tablespoon of salt for a clearer, easier inspection of the PCB when it is submerged in it. The other type is called anhydrous ferric chloride which is a green-brown colored powder. This is a more dangerous chemical and it is highly discouraged to be used but if one decides to, observe extreme caution when dissolving this in water as it creates a lot of heat. Never add water to the powder, add it to the water instead.

pcbThere is a chance that this chemical may not successfully etch the board, making it far from ideal for PCB fabrication. If this happens, one can add a small amount of hydrochloric acid and leave the board submerged in it for about two days. When using any of these etching chemicals, use a ceramic or a plastic container, be sure to use gloves and safety glasses when handling such chemicals as they can be damaging to the eyes and skin; also, avoid splashing at all costs.

Another acid of choice in PCB fabrication is sodium per sulfate. This is a white-colored powder that is a good etching solution for copper printed circuit boards. This chemical has some advantages over ferric chloride and other similar copper-etching chemicals. Unlike ferric chloride, sodium per sulfate does not stain clothes, skin, or containers. It leaves no residue in plain water and rinses quite easily. Its etching speed is faster and it maintains a good etching rate throughout its mixing life.

As to be expected though, this chemical also comes with disadvantages when compared with other etching chemicals. Sodium per sulfate has a shorter mixing life (or, in a way, durability) when used in an etch tank; it has a maximum of three weeks regardless if it is being used or not. If ferric chloride triggers a potentially dangerous reaction with metals, sodium per sulfate reacts in the same way upon coming into contact with natural fibers such as linen, cotton and wool.

In addition to those already mentioned, other chemicals can be used as etching agents for the PCB – these include hydrogen peroxide and hydrochloric acid. Same with ferric chloride, a non-metallic container is needed for this as well. Mix two parts of hydrogen peroxide with one part hydrochloric acid; by doing that you’ll create a good etching agent. While etching with these chemicals, make sure that the area is well ventilated. In addition to this, acetone is needed to remove the resist from the PCB after etching. Compared to the other methods discussed, this may be the safest for etching the PCB with chemicals. However, extreme caution should still be observed.

When using any of these PCB fabrication methods, always remember to be safe. Be cautious when handling dangerous chemicals and be sure to prepare everything that is needed to keep the etching area secure. Also, follow the instructions very carefully, including those about the proper disposal of such chemicals. Keep in mind that any mistakes can cause serious damage not only to one’s surroundings but even to oneself.

SEO : what is it ?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is not just another fancy acronym from Silicon Valley. Used as early as the 1990s, it is an all-encompassing, umbrella phrase about the actual processes involved in making any content visible to any user who has inputted the right keywords in the many online search boxes available today.

seoWith the multitude of search options available to the masses, including searching for images, domestic or international businesses, job listings, attractions, events, academic articles, and even public journals or government documents, each content must be studied carefully, and must include enough selling points to find the best optimization tool for that kind of media before uploading it to the web.

Once up and online, anything can come up on a search result.

Note, however, that appearance alone does not count. A website must rank high on the results to be placed on the first page, and on the number one slot, where it is most likely to be seen, clicked, visited, and linked back on.

If the media is robust, and the public interest is high enough, the rank of the content, as it appears in search results, may move higher on its own accord. Even so, it may be just low enough that internet users may have to scroll down on a search results page, thereby cutting a huge portion of the searching public who are satisfied with the topmost listed offering.

Stability of the media content in any returned result is a great factor in pushing it higher in the page ranks. If there are many ways to use this content in many possible configurations, other webpages will simply link to it, giving traffic indirectly and with no extra cost. This is called back-linking, and its most profitable examples are online encyclopedias and marketplaces.

These transparent, orthodox methods are classified as White Hat techniques, where the webmaster complies with the guidelines of the targeted search provider, for the reason that they are offering legitimate media content, products and/or services. This is completely separate from the Black Hat techniques that include submission of web pages with irrelevant keywords and undesirable content embedded in them. These web pages may or may not be host to excessive advertisement, phishing, malware, or viruses, and the wanted result is simply huge traffic at a specific point in time.

Black hat techniquesBlack hat techniques are often like guerrilla attacks, and are easy to spot due to their blatant presentation and confusing content. These media are often only temporarily available to the searching public, before wariness and improved algorithms push these malicious websites down the page rankings, or the media creator has met his required quota and removed the content on his or her own.

Those are just some of the strategies used today. Methods are constantly being refined, updated and streamlined to exclude additional work from webmasters. Most heavy-lifting are being done by search providers themselves to avoid unwanted media from showing up in the search results, as a reaction to the myriad of spam or malware that unavoidably gets created by enterprising individuals searching for heavy traffic in a highly uncensored web.

Access to actual usable results is easy for the casual internet user who often takes for granted the thousands of hours poured by thousands of search specialists. All these efforts are just for the optimization of a single tool for a wanted outcome: traffic, which in itself, is just another tool designed for the purpose to sell. With the end goal of attracting enough internet users to a website, the best tool will be the most ubiquitous one, the Search function, which has now risen to prominence along with the world going mobile.

Lanyards: Different Uses and Styles

Lanyards can be seen everywhere and they have been indispensable items for so many people. They can be used to carry important things that have to be handy all the time. Lanyards are normally worn on the neck or wrist to prevent things from being lost and to make sure they are always visible. Perhaps the most common use of lanyards is to hold IDs, but they can also be used to hold a whistle, mobile phone, small gadgets, etc.

A Brief History

landyardLanyard came from the term “laniere,” a French word meaning thong or strap. It is said that its history dates back to the 17th century during which it was first used as a nautical word that means a line or rope that can hold something to the vessel or boat. Seafarers also used lanyards to hold important things while sailing. During the 19th century, lanyards functioned as a cord for securing weapons, making them especially useful during war. It was used to carry pistols and to indicate rank.

Modern-Day Use

These days, lanyards are usually worn around the neck by almost everyone. Depending on their functions, they can also be worn around the wrist or connected to a purse. Using a lanyard has been proven as the most effective and simplest way of keeping things secured and within reach. Lanyards have different uses, but its primary function is to hold items such as IDs and badges, keys, and small electronic gadgets. To Know More Uses Of Landyards Visit :

In camping, lanyards are used to hold camping gear, knives, or a compass. They are also useful to air-dry washed utensils hanging from tree branches. Likewise, they can be used in the kitchen to hang many objects such as bottle openers and can openers.

Scoubidou, the art of lanyard-making, has become an extremely well-known art among kids who join scouting associations as well as summer camps.

Lanyards have various styles and the primary ones are the following:

1.Cord Lanyards

These are among the most affordable lanyards. They are best used for ID cards and badges. Their string is made  from polyester, nylon, or cotton. Usually, this type of lanyard has a slide size adjuster at the top, behind the neck.

2.Flat or Ribbon Lanyards

Made from flat polyester, nylon, or cotton and most used in custom printed lanyards.

3.Tube Lanyards

These have a narrow width and often resemble a shoelace in terms of design. Only text can be printed on these lanyards, mainly due to their size.

4.Woven Lanyards

These are made from heavy-duty materials, so they are built to last longer.

5.Bead Lanyards

They can either be made from metal or plastic. Perhaps the most famous beaded lanyards are the ones with metals because they can be considered as a jewelry piece. Most of the time, they are worn by women as an accessory. To make these lanyards, they are designed with various types of beads like crystal or glass.

6.Breakaway and Non-breakaway Lanyards

These are lanyards that have adjustable cords. Breakaway lanyards have stretchable cords, which can be detached through the use of force. This is mainly for security purposes in case lanyards get stuck in moving machines. On the other hand, non-breakaway lanyards are non-elastic and firm.

Today, lanyards can be personalized according to one’s needs and preferences. Aside from holding items, lanyards can be used to promote a company by having the name and logo printed on them. Still, if you’re a seafarer or you have to keep certain weapons within reach (assuming you’re in the military), you could opt to use these accessories as well – much like your forefathers did.

6 Types of Golf Balls that Are Perfect for Amateur Golfers

With not much intense physical action, golf is often seen as an easy and relaxing game. However, once on the course, it becomes apparent that it requires discipline, precision, skill, and speed, too. For amateur golfers to get a grip of the sport, choosing the best golf balls along with additional golf equipment, is recommended. Even industry-leading manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Callaway, Dunlop, Nike, Srixon, TaylorMade, and Titleist would agree.

Here are 6 types of golf balls that are perfect for amateur golfers.

1.  Closeout Golf Balls

Closeout balls are those balls that are meant to be sold for clearance. Apart from the fact that they are relatively cheap, most are among those manufactured for appropriate ball compression and weight and come with superior quality to provide premium golfing experience. A common reason they are left in store is being too expensive. Many of them have been around for over a year. Since they were made for professionals, they would be ideal during practice sessions for beginning golfers.

2.  Range Golf Balls

Golf BallsSpending sufficient time hitting as many range balls as possible on a golf range is beneficial for amateur golfing enthusiasts. Thus, familiarizing with how golf balls are used is the right way to go during the initial stages. It offers them opportunity to observe the curves of the equipment as well as a moment to make preferences (i.e. golfing style, heaviness, speed, tightness of grip, etc.). Among the particular balls’ advantages is that they are more forgiving when it comes to the hit. They improve balance, control, precision, and even the overall performance.

3.  Refurbished Golf Balls

Refurbished balls are used balls that have been repaired. Numerous balls of the type have been tinkered with after only a short time of being in another’s care. Often, they are in good (sometimes even better) condition and are repacked to be as appealing as they originally had been. It’s as if they are brand new but are way less costly. Since they have undergone improvements from mostly the pros, they make good balls for beginners.

4.  Used Golf Balls

Playing golf with used balls seems unglamorous but as how the majority of amateurs go, the looks of what is being swung are the least of the concern. The important factor is to have enough time to explore their chosen approach of getting around with the sport. Purchasing affordable equipment that can aid them for the purpose is best. Granted that they don’t bulge excessively, have minimal cuts, and are not defective in any other way, using them won’t be troublesome. Since the focus has to be more on the ups and downs of the game, these inexpensive tools are great for practice and exploring their signature strokes.

5.  Value Golf Balls

Golf BallValue balls are really cheap balls that were designed by mainly prestige golf equipment distributor brands such as Bridgestone, Callaway, Dunlop, Nike, Srixon, Taylormade, and Titlist. Normally, they cost around $15 per dozen and are fitting for trial sessions. Unlike used ones, they are especially manufactured to improve control, increase speed, maximize distance, minimize spin, and resist wear and tear. For the same reason as they will with range balls and used golf balls, newbies will find them advantageous.

6.  X-Out Golf Balls

Golf ball that have underwent complications in the manufacturing and production processes are referred to as x-out balls. Mostly, they come from top-selling companies and were made using the best materials. Due to them being different from the rest of the standard balls, marketing them was cancelled. While some golfers would refer to them as defective tools, veterans in the sport recognize that the concern is usually a cosmetic one. Though they had been separated and labeled problematic, their quality is unlikely affected. Since they are sold by limited merchants for a discounted price and are therefore, affordable, they could serve useful for beginners.

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Custom Coins in the Military

Coins are universally known as those small pieces of silver or copper, which are used as currency. They’re used for trade, allowing the bearer to buy something of value. In fact, even before paper currency was used, most of the countries in the world used coins to trade goods. The coins of that time looked like flattened pieces of metal which may or may not have inscriptions on them. Soon after, uniform pieces of precious metal were used as coins. These had values inscribed on them, which allowed for easier trading.

custom coins

However, despite this, did you know that there are other uses for these coins aside from trade?

Basically, anything that takes the shape and form of the modern coin can be called a coin. This means that even if it has no value, for as long these are uniform pieces of precious metal with writings inscribed on them, these may still be called coins. This is where custom coins come in.

Custom coins are coins used for other purposes. These may be used as a form of memorabilia, or even as an award given to a limited number of people. Banks sometimes even release commemorative custom coins in honor of something like the arrival of the Pope or the centennial anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

One such use of these custom coins is for the Armed Forces. Each unit typically has its own custom military coins, designed with the unit logo and colors. These coins serve as a means by which they could foster and strengthen the camaraderie within the present members of the unit, and sometimes even those who used to be part of the unit. Each member of the unit is given his own coin, which serves as proof that he indeed is a member of that unit. This boosts the soldier’s morale because it emphasizes that he is an integral part of a team. Consequently, a soldier who has high morale is more likely to perform better in more ways than one.

Furthermore, this is also a means by which past and present members of the unit become bonded. This is particularly important for units like the Elite Special Action Forces, where membership is a lifetime commitment. It enables the soldiers to form a brotherhood of some sort. Sometimes, this is even used to create small exclusive groups within a unit. For example, a handful of soldiers who were part of a specific mission are given these custom coins after their mission, either as a form of commendation for having successfully completed the mission, or as a form of memorabilia for the members of the team.

Moreover, this may also be used to award a soldier for outstanding service or exemplary performance of duty. Someone who has just finished his tour in a war-torn area may be awarded a military coin because of his bravery in battle. This is why these coins are much coveted in the military culture. Having one is like a symbol that you have done very good work and that your country is proud of you.

Next time you get some non-monetary coins in your hand, check them out carefully. Read what is inscribed and check what they are for. These coins can symbolize a lot and most likely, they have a story behind them. It would definitely be interesting to discover the stories as to why these coins were made and why the recipient was given the custom coin. Who knows, you may have gotten your hands on a very limited coin that is worth a lot.

Movable Cubicles: Their Pros And Cons

Movable cubicles are durable containers that may be transported to different locations. Their main purpose is to store items, but the larger types may be converted into rooms or even entire houses. They come in different dimensions and designs to suit their functions, and each variation has pros and cons.


Smaller containers such as boxes and drums have different sizes to accommodate the shipment. However, larger ones are generally limited to standard sizes such as 10, 20, 40 and 45 feet to simplify the delivery process. Small packages are usually lightweight, easy to carry, and cost less to handle but they have limited storage capacities. Huge containers are versatile and more spacious although you’d pay more for them. When choosing your container size, think about what they would be used for and how much money to allocate for the containers.


Movable CubiclesShipping containers are made with varying material such as cardboard, plastic, wood, and steel, to name a few. Cardboard or corrugated boxes weigh less than steel containers but they can’t carry very heavy items. Plastic ones are waterproof and are immune to rust, but aside from the risk of becoming deformed because of high heat, they may also be unsuitable for items that react with plastics. Wooden chests can be aesthetically appealing and cheap but it can catch fire and be destroyed by rot or termites. Steel cubicles provide a high degree of protection against the elements, outside forces, and tampering but they are the most expensive and the hardest to transport. To make container selection easier, consider how the shipped items would interact with their containers.


Pay attention to doors: movable cubicles have at least one open side to allow the loading and unloading of items. There are those that open on one or two sides while others are open at the top and are covered with tarpaulin. They also have varying number of doors. The opening mechanism is also important when choosing your container. Make sure that the style of the container is convenient and safe for the kind of goods you are transporting. Also, opening it must not be a problem for the area that the cubicle is in.


Some containers have wheels to make them easier to be moved around. These may be ideal for cargo that is transported manually, but they may slide around on uneven surfaces when they are left alone. Non-wheeled containers require lifting by people or by machines though they are more stable. If you’re deciding whether to get wheels or not, evaluate your planned methods of keeping and transporting the containers.


Movable cubicles weigh somewhere from a few pounds to thousands of pounds depending on their size, material, and components. The weight of the container affects how it can be transported and how much you’d get charged for pick-ups. However, it’s unwise to choose a light container that can’t support its contents adequately. Determine the carrying capacity of the container and weigh it against the costs of lifting and moving it.

Other Special Characteristics

You can get containers with extra features such as paint, insulation, shock-absorbers, steel wool layers, water-proof coatings, ventilation, high security locks, etc. Having these means paying for additional costs but they may be necessary such as when you are transporting perishable items. Analyze whether you really need specific features for your container to avoid overspending.

Movable cubicles have varying characteristics to meet the diversity of clients’ needs – know their specifications and consider your purposes, budget, transportation methods, cargo type, and shipping regulations. Planning these will be helpful in selecting the most appropriate containers and knowing what shipping container companies to get them from.

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Where To Find Quality Custom Rubber Bracelets

If you are currently looking for premium rubber bracelets that can help you get your message out in the market, be sure to find a reputable brand for better outcomes. There are lots of benefits you can take advantage of once you decide to incorporate these items to your marketing campaigns. For instance, you can conveniently increase brand awareness in your target market without exerting too much effort.

Many businesses gained higher recognition from their customers through promotional rubber bracelets. By distributing custom rubber bracelets to a specific audience, your brand can grow naturally in terms of popularity. Whether you want your new business be recognized in the market or you simply want to spread public awareness, this is definitely the best solution for your needs.

The following list will give you ideas on how to maximize results with the use of rubber bracelets on your specific goals:

•Art or band promotion

•Increase awareness for charities

•Fundraising for various events including causes

•Remembering departed ones

•Anniversary and birthday celebrations

•Cheering and supporting your team

•Company and business advertising

•Advocacy materials for non-profit organizations

What better ways are there to encourage people to support your objectives? If you want to naturally gain support from your customers, fans, or target audience, custom rubber bracelets can help you achieve your goals. Let them wear your name or message and spread awareness to those who are interested. Grow your business and promote your advocacies with an ultimate campaign solution that you truly deserve!

Using Innovative Promotional Materials

With better options, you are sure to find what you are exactly looking for. You can also create your own design and have them manufactured for you. Matching your specific requirements is more important than using what is trending in the market. Be a wise decision maker and research before you claim something that is offered in front of you.

Custom Rubber BraceletsBy creating unique and customized rubber bracelets, you are simply promoting your brand in a more exclusive way. Remember, people are interested on rare things that the market provides them. Stay original and prop up your business to your target audience without the hassles of traditional advertising. With these rubber bracelets, you can be recognized internationally with effortless promotion.

When choosing a company that offers custom rubber bracelets, make sure that they have satisfied clients in their portfolio. In the business landscape, quality is everything. If you can’t offer something that is valuable and relevant to your market, then you are not an effective marketer. Always commit on the ethical business practices and you will surely have better profitability.

Customized Rubber Bracelets for Brand Awareness

By allowing you to create your preferred designs, you can efficiently build your own brand. And with an outstanding brand, your customers can easily distinguish you from a sea of brands in the market. Whether you are looking for multi-colored swirled rubber bracelets or one-phrase bands, choose quality designs. There may be a lot of companies that offer the same products but choose the most established one.

Promoting something is a crucial process especially when you don’t have enough resources to produce your marketing materials. However, with the availability of custom rubber bracelets today, you can conveniently encourage awareness within your target audience. Personalized messages in marketing are very important to build your reputation. Hence, make sure to work with a reputable partner to give you premium rubber bracelets that you exactly need.

For more details about custom rubber bracelets, you can simply check out one of the many reputable rubber-bracelet manufacturers online. Grow your business and level up your advocacy campaigns with quality products that match your standards!

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Benefits of Using Badge Lanyards

You can easily see badge lanyards everywhere. While lanyards have many uses, keeping identification cards close is the main reason why people opt for these.

Lanyards are worn almost everywhere. Go to schools and you will see both students and teachers wearing lanyards with their school’s name on it. Go to companies and you will see workers wearing it regardless of their position and job description. Even hospitals require their medical team to wear badge lanyards.

What makes lanyards popular?

Badge lanyards are very popular due to the ease they provide in keeping identification cards close. Both companies and schools are able to easily identify those who belong in their own community and those whom they should consider as outsiders or visitors.

Polyester LanyardsAnother reason why lanyards are popular is their ability to help companies with marketing. These are considered inexpensive marketing tools as the item allows the name of the company or brand to be printed on its cord. The cords are usually made of cloth with its print either silk-screened or dyed.

Using lanyards also provide other benefits. Here are some of them.
Benefits Given to the Wearer

Badge lanyards are either worn around the neck or the wrist. It easily holds identification cards close to the wearer without the need to hold it. Observers can see it as it hangs on his neck or his wrist.

Lanyards are mostly worn around the neck rather than around the wrist. It helps observers see identification cards better and the wearer to present it immediately. Most wearers also find this more comfortable since it allows them to be hands-free whenever there’s a need to show their identification cards.

Identification cards can be easily detached from the lanyards. Wearers can detach it from the cord by unhooking it. Lanyards have either hooks or strings that hold the cards to the cord.

Benefits Given to the Company and Organization

Companies and organizations also benefit from using lanyards. As what was mentioned earlier, companies actually use it in marketing their brand name. They easily provide familiarity to those who see the lanyards especially as it can be worn by their employees outside their company’s premises.

Using lanyards to hold identification cards provide more than just marketing. It also provides security. Companies can easily check who works for them and who doesn’t. Employees can enter the premises without holding their identifications out as it helps security guards see it easily. Employees can also identify the visitors and if they belong to another company.

Some companies and organizations tend to customize their lanyards for easy identification purposes too. They can have it color coded or add certain mini-badges in the lanyards’ locks to help employees determine either the department the person belongs too or if they have attended additional training.

Benefits When Used in Social Events

Social events that are usually sponsored by companies also benefit in using lanyards. They can easily hold the guests’ identification cards that help them acquaint with the rest of the people in the event. It also helps sponsors know who really are participating and which organization or company they represent.

Seminars and conferences are the most common social event held by organizations and agencies. These can either be for students or employees. In such cases, the lanyards used are customized to fit the event. It helps the participants become more familiar with the organizers of the event and even the sponsors. These are already given as souvenirs to participants which allows them to also replace their identification cards with other items if they wish to.

Using Lanyards

Badge lanyards are among the most common types of lanyards used today. They provide ease in identifying people as these allow wearers to have their identification cards hang around their necks or wrist. If you run a business, this is a good way to help your employees hold their identification cards and even market your brand. Lanyards are effective tools in both marketing and security purposes.

Keynote Speaker Essentials: Things to Consider in Writing your Speech

Are you preparing for a speaking engagement? Are you sure with the ideas you are going to present? Are you running out of words to say?

It is essential for keynote speakers to say the right things whatever event they’re invited to. For whatever points keynote speakers will share will reflect on their personality.

The key ingredients to having a good and effective speech transcript are clarity and integrity. In order to achieve this, here are some factors keynote speakers must consider when writing a speech:

• Be sensitive to your audience

Always consider what your audience will feel, react, or think the moment you say your message. After all, your speech is not for yourself but for them. This is why keynote speakers are highly encouraged to speak in their own language, or make use of English in a conversational way. Business and industry jargons are also discouraged; instead, make use of words that can be easily understood by the target audience.

• Know your speaking style

Identifying what your style should be is very important in writing your speech. Intonation, voice modulation, rhythm and pacing need to be indicated in the speech transcript. This is because most keynote speakers don’t talk the same way when in front of a crowd and when in front of friend.

• Careful selection of subject

This will serve as the center or theme of your speech. Obviously, your subject matter must have a connection with your audience. Therefore, avoid topics that will cause boredom. Of course, you also shouldn’t talk about things that could cause a riot.

• Purpose of your speech

Professional SpeakersWhat is the goal of your speech? How are you going to deliver your speech? These are just two of the many important questions in writing your speech. Is your speech going to inform, persuade, entertain, or motivate? Always bear in mind the reason behind the creation and the delivery of your speech.

• Outline your points

After choosing the right topic, you need to organize and outline your speech so that it will be easier to understand. Likewise, it is imperative for you to present examples and real life stories on which the audience can relate to.

• Search for reliable materials

This is needed to strongly support your points and claims. Copying and pasting from another source is a big no-no in writing your speech, especially since it will not only be considered plagiarism but it will also lose both integrity and essence. In short, it will be more obvious to the audience that you did not read your materials that well.

• Time allotment

You will be given a limited time in delivering your speech and thus, you need to make the most of every idea within the given time constraint.

• Make your transcript comprehensive

Legibility and readability of your text is also an important factor to consider, especially if you are going to present a very long speech. If you find your transcript (including your notes) incredibly hard to read, it’ll simply lose its value and purpose.

• Proofread your transcript

Revisions and corrections are natural in writing speech transcript drafts. Proofreading is definitely essential in speech writing for it will strengthen the speech’s focus over the subject matter along with its points, making it more comprehensive. The more the transcript is critiqued and checked, the more it becomes useful in making the actual speech a success.

The tips presented here won’t transform you into the perfect speaker overnight. Still, by following these, you will be able to effectively communicate your message to your listeners.

Motivational speakers get very valuable experience and are able to develop their skills and build their reputation, which is what every beginner speaker needs.

Misters and Pressure

Misters have a wide range of variants to choose from. Whether you‘re running a business with an outdoor theme, or just want to bask in the sunlight without worrying about the heat, there’s an available mister for you. From personal variants to complete misting systems, a spectrum of this fun cooling system can be installed in your premises.

However, do you know the two main types of this item? Stay with us in this article and we’ll take you through the two types – the high pressure and the low pressure variant.

The most efficient form is the High Pressure Mister. This type of misters cover a wide range of area and is perfect for almost all types of establishments – houses, restaurants, bars, pools, even greenhouses.

Since it has high pressure, this kind can drop temperatures over 35 degrees Fahrenheit and can be amplified by misting fans to spread the cooling effect to wider areas. The high pressure also forms a finer jet of mist, speeding up the evaporation of the liquid. The instantaneous evaporation yielded from the high pressure variants gives it an edge of low pressure variants, since it produces a cooler effect. The flash evaporation

capabilities of the high pressure variant can also produce fogging effects in the surroundings.

This type is mostly used in commercial areas, commonly found in restaurants and resorts. This is due to the face that high pressure types are more costly, as compare to low pressure variants. High quality material is needed to ensure the capability of the hose and nozzle to withstand the high pressure brought about by the misting pump. Tubing is also made of stainless steel to make sure that the material does not break down due to the high pressure. High pressure variants usually contain multiple nozzles for wider coverage. Multiple nozzles also contribute largely to the cooling capabilities of the high pressure system.

commertiolLow pressure types, on the other hand, have this reputation of spewing large water droplets that can get you wet. Of course, this is entirely false, since misters have to pass a standard to be categorized as such, and not as a bathroom shower. However, the main difference of low pressure types with high pressure ones is indeed the authorization of the water droplets. Indeed, low pressure variants produce relatively bigger droplets. But their size is enough to evaporate quickly and promote cooling in the area. The moisture produced by low pressure misters is also very refreshing as it hits one’s skin on a warm summer day. Due to the lower pressure, you wouldn’t expect a fogging effect from this variant of mister.

Low pressure variants are perfect for households that run tight on the budget. It’s perfect for personal use and backyard installations – a nice way to cool down during a nice afternoon with friends. The absence of a high pressure misting pump can be attributed to its cheaper price. It can be installed using a typical household water system, and does not need additional force to create mist. The material used for the tubing is nylon. The misting process mostly happens in the nozzle installed in the hose. You can also opt for the multiple nozzle option to cool down the area faster.

The low pressure mister is also cost effective for households and establishments who don’t regularly have to use a misting system. It also does not consume a lot of water, as compared to the high pressure variants.

Now that you know the two basic types of misters, which one should you opt for? Always consider your lifestyle and budget when choosing to buy a mister.